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       charconv  -  Conversion of characters between various sys­


       charconv [-d|-m|-u] [-f from_table]  [-t  to_table]  [[-i]
       input_file [-o] output_file]


       CHARCONV  is a program or filter that allows the transfor­
       mation of one encoding of an extended character set (e.g.,
       ISO  Latin-1)  to  another.  Note  that  the  encoding  of
       umlauts, diphthongs, or diacritics is quite  different  in
       ISO  Latin-1 (Unix, MS Windows), MS DOS (code page 437) or
       Apple Macintosh. Moreover,  this  program  takes  care  of
       transcriptions  used in TeX or HTML (hypertext markup lan­
       guage). Internally, a font description similar to the  TeX
       code  (but without math mode) is used. Tags and macros are
       removed from HTML and TeX input.

       Furthermore, the program allows conversion between differ­
       ent end-of-line markers (Unix: LF, DOS: CRLF, Mac: CR).


       charconv  [-d|-m|-u]  [-f  from_table] [-t to_table] [[-i]
       input_file [-o] output_file]

       -d     create MS DOS end-of-line (CRLF)

       -m     create Macintosh end-of-line (CR)

       -u     create Unix end-of-line (LF)

       -f     from_table

       -t     to_table

       from/to character table, where from_table/to_table is  one

             a - ASCII (7 bit) (*)
             c - transcription (*)
             d - DOS code page 437
             e - EBCDIC (only for ASCII <-> EBCDIC!)
             g - German LaTeX (cf. TeX) (*)
             h - HTML (hypertext) (*)
             H - HTML (keep < & >) (*)
             l - ISO Latin 1 (Unix, ANSI, MS Windows)
             L - LaTeX (cf. TeX) (*)
             m - Apple Macintosh
             r - RTF (Rich Text Format) (output only!)
             s - SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) (*)
             S - Symbol font
             t - TeX (*)
             z - Atari ST
               (*) string code


             charconv -ft myfile.tex
                (de-texify file, using umlauts of current system)
             charconv -ft -th myfile.tex myfile.html
                (convert from TeX to HTML)
             charconv -m -fd -tm dos.txt mac_txt
                (convert from "DOS" to "Macintosh")
             cat myfile.html | charconv -fh | less -r


       /usr/local/bin/charconv  binary
       /usr/local/man/man1/charconv.1 man page




       Note:  the  text  is not formatted. RTF output assumes ISO
       Latin-1 coding, end-of-line markers are not changed.


       Burkhard Kirste (kirste@chemie.fu-berlin.de)

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