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     named-xfer -z zone_to_transfer -f db_file -s serial_no [-d debuglevel]
                [-l debug_log_file] [-i ixfr_file] [-t trace_file] [-p port#]
                [-S] nameserver [[axfr] | [ixfr]]


     Named-xfer is an ancillary program executed by named(8) to perform an in­
     bound zone transfer.  It is rarely executed directly, and then only by
     system administrators who are trying to debug a zone transfer problem.
     See RFC's 1033, 1034, and 1035 for more information on the Internet name-
     domain system.

     Options are:

     -z zone_to_transfer
                 specifies the name of the zone to be transferred.

     -f db_file  specifies the name of the db_file into which the zone should
                 be dumped when it is received from the primary server.

     -s serial_no
                 specifies the serial number of our current copy of this zone.
                 If the SOA RR we get from the primary server does not have a
                 serial number higher than this, the transfer will be aborted.

     -d debuglevel
                 Print debugging information.  The debuglevel is a number de­
                 termines the level of messages printed.

     -l debug_log_file
                 Specifies a log file for debugging messages.  The default is
                 system- dependent but is usually in /var/tmp or /usr/tmp.
                 Note that this only applies if ``-d'' is also specified.

     -i ixfr_file
                 Specifies the name of the ixfr_file into which the zone
                 changes from Incremental Zone Transfer (IXFR) should be
                 dumped when it is received from the primary server.

     -t trace_file
                 Specifies a trace_file which will contain a protocol trace of
                 the zone transfer.  This is probably only of interest to peo­
                 ple debugging the name server itself.

     -p port#    Use a different port number.  The default is the standard
                 port number as returned by getservbyname(3) for the service

     -S          Perform a restricted transfer of only the SOA, NS records and
                 glue A records for the zone. The SOA record will not be load­
                 ed by named(8) but will be used to determine when to verify
                 the NS records.  See the ``stubs'' directive in named(8) for
                 more information.

4th Berkeley Distribution        June 26, 1993                               2

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