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       nano - Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico Clone


       nano [options] [+LINE] file


       This manual page documents briefly the nano command.

       nano was originally known as TIP (TIP Isn't Pico). It is a
       small, free and friendly  editor  which  aims  to  replace
       Pico,  the  default  editor  included in the non-free Pine
       package. Rather than just copying Pico's  look  and  feel,
       nano also implements some missing (or disabled by default)
       features in Pico, such as "search and replace"  and  "goto
       line number".


       -V (--version)
              Show the current version number and author.

       -h (--help)
              Display a summary of commandline options.

       -c (--const)
              Constantly show the cursor position.

       -i (--autoindent)
              Indent  new  lines  to the previous line's indenta­
              tion. Useful when editing source code.

       -l (--nofollow)
              If the  file  being  edited  is  a  symbolic  link,
              replace  the  link with a a new file, do not follow
              it.  Good for editing files in /tmp perhaps?

       -m (--mouse)
              Enable mouse support (if available  for  your  sys­

       -p (--pico)
              Display the same shortcut lists as Pico does.

       -s (--speller)
              Enable alternative spell checker command.

       -t (--tempfile)
              Always  save changed buffer without prompting. Same
              as Pico -t option.

       -v (--view)
              View file (read only) mode.

       -w (--nowrap)
              Disable wrapping of long lines.

       -x (--nohelp)
              Disable help screen at bottom of editor.

       -z (--suspend)
              Enable suspend ability.

       +LINE  Places cursor at LINE on startup.


       Please send any comments or bug reports to  nano@asty.org.
       The  nano mailing list is available from majordomo@doesno­




       Chris Allegretta <chrisa@asty.org>, et  al.   This  manual
       page was originally written by Jordi Mallach <jordi@sindo­
       minio.net>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system  (but  may  be
       used by others).

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