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Here are some other fun places to go to check out LRP.  Let me know if I don't have your favorite LRP site listed.  Make sure you visit the first two sites.  They have been the most active of late, and contain lots of useful info.

Linux Router Project - c0wz.com
A large collection of LRP documentation and HOWTOs.  A good starting point for expanding your LRP knowledge.  I run a local mirror of this site.
LEAF Project - Source Forge
This is a growing site of LRP related content.  My disk images are stored at this site.
LRP Mailing list
Sign up for the LRP mailing list here.  You might try reading through the documentation available at the above two sites, and searching through the archives before asking your question on the list.  Most basic questions have been answered several times already.
Materhorn & Eiger LRP home
The home page of Materhorn (and other LRP 2.2.x kernel based distributions).  You can download Materhorn files directly from here, but be prepared to wait a while (download speeds are pretty slow).  Most of the Materhorn stuff is mirrored on faster servers above.
Materhorn FAQ
FAQ covering Materhorn installation and setup
Linux Router Project - ramhb
Joel Macklow's LRP site
Linux Router Project - Beta
Seems to be an older mirror of the Source Forge site
Linux Router Project
The nearly unmaintained original home of LRP.  The LRP mailing list is still here, and you can search through the list archives.  The FTP server referenced on this site to download files seems to be broken (at least when I try using it).
LRP Modules
Koon Wong's extensive set of LRP packages.  Most of these are for 2.9.4, but these can be used with Materhorn if they are not kernel specific (most packages don't care which kernel they run under).

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