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NOTICE: As of June 12, 2001 I am no longer subscribed to the LRP mailing lists.  Please direct your support questions to the LEAF-user mailing list (see updated links below).

!! - IMPORTANT - !!  There is a Troubleshooting Request HOWTO, which covers how to collect information from your system and post requests for help to the mailing list.  Please read it before sending any e-mail requests for help.  The HOWTO was written by the folks who volunteer their time to answer your questions on the mailing list, and can help save your time and theirs, so please read it before you post.

So, you need some help getting things going?  I will do what I can to help you, but before you blindly start e-mailing questions, there are some things you should try first:

  1. Make sure you have read through the documentation available here.
  2. Read the HOWTOs and other documentation available at the LEAF site, as well as the c0wz site.  Most of the questions folks ask are answered already in readily available documentation.
  3. Search through the LEAF and LRP mailing list archives.  Someone else has probably already asked the same question and had it answered.  This is probably the quickest way to get a specific question answered.
  4. If you are still stuck, post your question to the LEAF-user mailing list (make sure you subscribe as well, so you'll get any answers).  Try to be as specific as you can with your question, and try to include as much setup information as you can.  Posting "Help, my LRP system doesn't work.  What's wrong?" will not get you much in the way of useful replies.  Be sure to read the Troubleshooting Request HOWTO which will tell you how to extract configuration information from your system and post it to the mailing list, so you can get quick, accurate responses to your questions.
  5. If you have a specific question about my distributions, or are reporting a bug or something, you should still probably post it to the list.  There are a lot of folks on the list using my disk images who can help you with problems and would be interested in any bugs found.  If you want, you can cc: me to insure I will get a copy, but I closely monitor the mailing list.  Plus, all traffic sent to the list becomes a searchable archive, which can be very handy for future users.  I will likely reply both directly to you and to the list.

I give priority to e-mail that is sent through or cc'd to the mailing list!  If you send support e-mails directly to me, expect any replies to be copied to the list.  This is both to help spread the load of handling support issues among many people, and an attempt to help other folks that might have similar problems.  This will also build a searchable archive of information that will benefit current and future users.

Thanks, compliments, etc. are always welcome.  If you got your system up and running without incident, feel free to let me know.  I usually only hear about the problem installations, and really have no idea how many folks are using my disk images or other LRP software.  You might also post a short message to the list, providing brief relief from the "It doesn't work...help" threads.  If you include a brief description of your system (CPU, memory, network cards/modules, and any other software you have added), you will also be helping other users.  It's hard to believe how many times questions like "will LRP work with xxx Ethernet card or yyy CPU" get asked on the list.  It also helps other new users to see that things do occasionally work correctly :-) 

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Last modified: December 04, 2001