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2.2.16-1 Upgrade
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Use these files to upgrade your existing Materhorn LRP disk to kernel version 2.2.16-1


File Protocol Speed Site
kernel ftp Fast

LEAF Sourceforge site

modules.lrp ftp Fast

LEAF Sourceforge site

kernel http Fast

LEAF Sourceforge site

modules.lrp http Fast

LEAF Sourceforge site

kernel http Slow Local download
modules.lrp http Slow Local download


  2. Download both files to a local machine
  3. Delete the existing files 'linux' and 'modules.lrp' from the floppy disk
  4. Copy the new kernel file to the floppy...it should be named 'linux' on the floppy
  5. Copy the new moduels.lrp file to your floppy
  6. Boot the new floppy disk
  7. Configure the modules you need loaded by following the step-by-step instructions for configuring the dhclient disk image.  This applies even if you have a static IP, as your network setup information is retained, you just need to configure the modules to load


  • There is no ip_masq_pptp.o module for the 2.2.16 kernel.  This does not matter unless you are running a PPTP Virtual Private Network through your firewall that needs to be masquaraded.  Most users will be fine without this module, simply comment it out in modules.conf.


  • If you deleted some modules to make room on your disk for extra packages, you will probably not be able to copy the new modules.lrp file.  If this is the case use the following procedure:
  1. Follow the above procedure, but use your old modules.lrp in step 5 (or just don't delete it :-)
  2. Ignore all the errors you will see when booting, this is because the modules don't match the kernel, but this is expected at this point
  3. Get to a command prompt and type 'ls /lib/modules' to see which modules you currently use
  4. Download each module you need, making sure they are for a 2.2.16 kernel...you can get them here...they will likely be in the net and ipv4 directories
  5. Copy all the new modules to a floppy
  6. Follow steps 4-12 of adding modules to your LRP disk in the step-by-step instructions

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Last modified: December 04, 2001