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Static IP
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This disk image uses Materhorn LRP to firewall and masquarade a home network behind a single Static IP address.  You should have an ethernet connection to the internet, typically via a cable-modem or xDSL connection.


File Protocol Speed Site
sk-1440-eth-eth.bin ftp Fast

LEAF Sourceforge site

sk-1440-eth-eth.bin http Fast

LEAF Sourceforge site

sk-1440-eth-eth.bin http Slow Local download


  1. See the step-by-step instructions for detailed directions.
  2. Uncomment the appropriate network driver in /etc/modules, and backup modules.lrp.
  3. Configure /etc/network.conf with appropriate settings for your external interface (IP address, netmask, broadcast address, and default gateway).
  4. Configure /etc/network.conf firewall section with your external IP address.
  5. Configure /etc/network.conf with your DNS settings.
  6. Backup etc.lrp and reboot.
  7. You will need to configure each workstation behind the LRP box.  The LRP box should be the default gateway, and you should use the primary/secondary DNS servers provided by your ISP.  See the instructions for details.


  • There are no known issues at this time.


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