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This disk image uses Eiger LRP to firewall and masquarade a home or small business network behind a single IP address.  The instructions describe both static and dynamic IP address configurations.  You should have an ethernet connection to the internet, typically via a cable-modem or xDSL connection.


File Protocol Speed Site
EigerStein.exe ftp Fastest SourceForge Primary FTP site
EigerStein.exe http Fastest SourceForge Primary FTP site
EigerStein.exe ftp Fast

LEAF Sourceforge site

EigerStein.exe http Fast

LEAF Sourceforge site

EigerStein.exe http Slow Local download


  1. This disk image is very easy to use.  See the step-by-step instructions for detailed directions.
  2. You will need to configure each workstation behind the LRP box.  This image includes a DHCP server so clients can be automatically configured.  See the instructions for details.


  1. EigerStein is in the 1680K 'extended capacity' disk format.  To make this easy to use, I am distributing a self-extracting disk image.  Just download and run the program on a win32 machine.  It will automatically format the floppy and make a bootable LRP disk.
  2. Both static IP and dynamic IP internet connections are supported.
  3. A pre-configured DHCP server is included making it very easy to configure the machines on the internal network.
  4. A local DNS cache/resolver is provided, providing faster name resolving, independance from your ISP, and easier configuration of local machines.
  5. If you have to use PPPoE to connect to your ISP, you will not be able to use this disk image :-(
  6. If your such a hard core linux user you can't (or won't) use the self-extracting win32 executible disk image, you can get a 1680K raw image here (Fastest) or here (Slow)...you should have no trouble using superformat and dd to make a floppy, right? ;-)


  • PPPoE disk image?
  • FAQ?

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