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Dynamic IP
Static IP


Changes from Matthew's Eiger images:

Go to Matthew Grant's web site for the 'official' Materhorn and Eiger releases.  My disk images are modified versions, intended to make it easier for non-linux guru's to get a typical firewall up and running.

Kernel modifications:

Matthew added several things to the Eiger kernel, which made it about 30K larger.  I stripped out most of this, including support for IDE hard drives, CD-ROM's, NFS, and some other things so a workable firewall would still fit on a 1440K floppy.  You can still load modules if you need to support these devices, or replace the kernel on my images with the full version from Matthew's site.  You probably don't need the larger kernel unless you want to boot off of something besides a floppy disk.

Root package modifications:

To go along with the CD-ROM and NFS support in the kernel, Matthew replaced the limited LRP 'busybox' mount and umount commands with the real ones.  I went back to the busybox versions to save space.  Again, this shouldn't affect you unless you go quite a bit beyond the basic floppy based firewall setup my disk images are designed for.

Script modifications:

I have kept most of the script updates made by Matthew for the Eiger release.  Perhaps the biggest change is built-in support for multiple disks.  This means you can add a second floppy disk and have lots of room for those extra packages like ssh, IPSec, or whatever.

Eiger also included some changes to network.conf, mainly to support IP aliases.  This entailed a change to how internal servers are port-forwarded through the firewall.  I have added back the old (simpler) method of forwarding ports for folks migrating from my earlier disk images, so you can use whichever method you prefer.  I will try to get my network.conf reference updated to reflect the new Eiger changes soon.

All disk images include the network.conf modifications required to work with my dhclient package.

Disk Images:


Includes everything you get with EigerStein, plus some new additions.  You get the latest dhcp client/server code, a web based status interface, a disk backup command, working mail script, and more...all pre-configured.


This disk image includes a built-in DHCP server, local DNS cache, and can be configured for static or dynamic IP's.  This image is larger than 1440K, but it is self-extracting, hopefully making it easier to use.

Dynamic IP

Use this disk image if you have a dynamic IP address from your ISP.  This disk image is pre-configured to run dhclient to configure your external interface.

Static IP

Use this disk image if you have one or more static IP addresses from your ISP.


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Last modified: December 04, 2001