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This is a CD-ROM version of my Dachstein firewall, and what I run personally (and on many firewalls throughout my company).  Currently, using this version is slightly more difficult than the floppy version, mainly because there is less documentation specific to this release.  With the space on the CD, however, it's possible to get lots of extras, including: IPSec VPN support, snmp, bash, vim, and lots of other goodies.


ISO Disk Images

File Protocol Speed Site
dachstein-cd-v1.0.2.iso http Fast

LEAF Sourceforge site

dachstein-cd-v1.0.2.iso http Slow Local download

Individual files

CD-Contents http Fast

LEAF Sourceforge site

CD-Contents http Slow Local download


  1. I still need to write documentation for this release.  What there is can currently be found in the README file.
  2. The main difference between this CD release and other versions of LEAF/LRP is how the packaging system finds, loads, and backs up packages.  Details are in the README file.
  3. To get started, you can follow the step-by-step directions for the floppy release.  Before you actually backup any packages, however, set the backup type for all package to "partial" and the backup destination to "fd0" using "t e" and "d e" from the backup menu, respectively.  This will store your configuration information on the floppy disk, but continue to load the bulk of the pakage data from CD.
  4. You can add and remove packages from the CD, but you'll have to re-build the ISO image.  I build my ISO images on linux...there's an example mkisofs command in the README file.  You'll also need the contents of the CD to modify...you can either extract the contents from the ISO image above, or download (via rsync, wget, or whatever) the CD-Contents from the website.


  1. See the change log for details on what's been updated lately.


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Last modified: December 04, 2001