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Disk Images
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Which Image?

I have tried to create disk images that make using LRP quick and easy for a typical home or small office application.

To use my disk images, you need:

  • A dedicated machine to run LRP, with 2 Ethernet cards and a floppy drive
  • An xDSL, cable modem, or other standard Ethernet based internet connection

Step-by-step configuration instructions are provided, so you don't need to be a linux expert to get these disk images going.

Which Image?

Some help deciding which image you should use.

Kernel 2.2.19 based disk images
Bootable CD version of Dachstein floppy based images, with many extras
Eiger Disk Images

Kernel 2.2.16 based disk images

Materhorn Disk Images

Kernel 2.2.13 Based disk images

Contributed Disk Images

Disk images from other LRP users


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Last modified: December 04, 2001