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Extended Scripts
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These scripts are useful for adding a private IP address DMZ network to your LRP box.  

Version 1.0 uses port-forwarding to make DMZ servers appear as though they have the external IP of your LRP box.  IP aliases are also supported, so if you have a small number of static IP's, and can live with the limitations of port-forwarding, the 1.0 scripts should work well for you.

Version 1.1 of the scripts, which is 'unoficially' released, adds support for Static-NAT.  This allows DMZ machines to support protocols that don't port-forward well (like passive/active FTP, IPSec, and others), but requires multiple external static IP's (you must have one external IP available for each DMZ machine, plus an IP for your LRP box).  The Scripts work well (I use them on my firewall), but are not considered a full release because of both a lack of documentation, and the requirement that you must manually edit ipfilter.conf to supply some IP address ranges for the firewall code.

Both versions of the scripts will run well on a Materhorn or Eiger based LRP system.  You can probably use them on a 2.2.x kernel based 2.9.x LRP system, if you add the 'ip' command.


scripts 1.0
File Protocol Speed Site
scripts.lrp http Fast

LEAF Sourceforge site

scripts.lrp http Slow Local download


network.txt http Slow Local download

scripts 1.1

see NOTES below

ScriptsV1.1.zip http Slow Local download


WARNING!  Do not install scripts.lrp as a standard LRP file on your floppy.  It is an 'addon' package, and once installed is backed up as part of the etc package.

  1. Copy the scripts.lrp file to your LRP system
  2. cd to the directory scripts.lrp resides in
  3. Install the new scripts with the command 'lrpkg -i scripts'
  4. Configure the scripts as required (see network.txt for details on the new variables)
  5. There is a bug in the network.conf file in the eth1 section.  "eth1_BROADCAST=" should be "eth1_BROADCAST=".  If you are using the default internal network settings, please fix this.
  6. Backup etc to save the new scripts
  7. IMPORTANT!  If you're using the V1.1 zip file, make sure you copy /etc/init.d/network as well as /etc/network.conf and /etc/ipfilter.conf or you'll get errors about walklist not being found.


  • No man pages at this time, see the network.txt files provided for documentation.


  1. Version 1.1 of the scrips is being 'unofficially' released.  The scripts work, although if you use Static-NAT, you need to edit ipfilter.conf (see the readme file).  The V1.1 scripts are not released as an LRP file...if you can't figure out how to get the files on your LRP system, you probably shouldn't use the 1.1 scripts.
  2. How in the world do I use these new scripts?  Well, for now, try to read through the documentation in network.txt, but you kind of have to know what you're doing.  I'll really try to get some more practical docs out, but pretty much everything is documented in the reference section of network.txt (really!).
  3. WARNING - If you port-forward an FTP server, it MUST be from the 'primary' IP of your external interface.  Port-forwarding an FTP server from an aliased IP causes the data connection from the FTP server to come from a different IP than the client connected to (think about it and you'll see why).  This breaks any GOOD (but not all) FTP clients (some clients apparently will accept a connection from any IP, not just the FTP server they're talking to).


 5/26/00  15:17          16,012  scripts.lrp

-rw-r--r-- root/root     23726 Apr 07 14:42 2000 etc/network.conf
-rw------- root/root     22642 Apr 07 14:37 2000 etc/ipfilter.conf
-rwxr-xr-x root/root     12984 Apr 07 14:38 2000 etc/init.d/network

10/30/00   8:28          36,509  ScriptsV1.1.zip

  Length  Method    Size  Ratio    Date    Time    CRC-32   Attr    Name
  ------  ------    ----- -----    ----    ----   --------  ----    ----
   25386 DeflatX     8002 68.5% 05/30/2000  2:44p fa921a70 --w----  network.conf
   12981 DeflatX     3777 71.0% 05/30/2000  2:44p 8ec40b38 --w----  network
   24571 DeflatX     5978 75.7% 05/30/2000  2:44p 60edf55e --w----  ipfilter.conf
   63166 DeflatX    17689 72.0% 06/17/2000  2:05p 024fd5f2 --w----  Network.txt
     995 DeflatX      555 44.3% 10/30/2000  8:27a fbb12c9a --w----  readme.txt
  ------           ------ -----                                     ----
  127099            36001 71.7%                                        5


  • The files are shell scripts, so they are their own source code :)

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Last modified: December 04, 2001