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Here are a bunch of little utility programs I compiled or migrated from Debian.  They have all been compiled against a Debian slink release with 2.2.13 kernel (AKA Materhorn), but they should all run on just about any LRP system. 

Installation Instructions - Just copy the binaries to /usr/local/bin via floppy, scp, or whatever, and backup the local package.

ae2vi.rc Instructions:

  1. Copy the ae2vi.rc file to /etc/ (replacing the one already there)
  2. If running Eiger, edit /bin/vi.  Change the line that starts ae to:
  3. ae -f /etc/ae2vi.rc ${1+"$@"}
  4. Backup the etc package to save your changes
Binary Size Man Description
ae2pico.rc 3,661   ae keybindings to emulate the pico/nano editor commonly used by RedHat
ae2vi.rc 4,082   A working ae config file for vi emulation and it's 1.3 orders of magnitude smaller than elvis-tiny above!  (OK, that doesn't count ae itself, but ae is only 24K, and it's already on your disk!)
backupdisk 1,964   Use this program to make a backup copy of your LRP disk on your LRP system.  The script supports both standard and high capacity disks.  Requires the fdformat command to function.
charconv 40,984 X Converts text between various flavors of Dos, Mac, and Unix EOL formats, as well as various formatted text flavors (ASCII, HTML, SGML, LaTex, TeX, RTF and others)
dhcrelay 53,328 X DHCP relay
elvis-tiny 65,916 X Tiny vi compatible editor
fdformat 6,188 X The 'fdformat' command
http_get 8,196 X Tiny program to download files from a web site (http method only)
hwclock 24,548 X Utility to set your CMOS clock...apparently missing from some 2.9.4 distributions  Put this in /sbin
ifconfig 28,380 X Configure interfaces
iptraf 157,292 X Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor
libm.tgz 39,661   libm 2.0.7.  To extract, run the following, and backup the local package.
cd /usr/local/lib
gunzip <libm.tgz | untar




  A script I use to run programs from cron.  This script will run a program as a specified user, recording the standard and error output, and mail the results to you.  It requires a configuration file to exist in /usr/local/etc.  An example configuration file is provided.  Run by providing the config file name: 'mailonerr moe.config'.  Requires su and a working mail comand.
mawk 109,988 X An interpreter for the AWK Programming Language
micro_inetd 4,284 X Tiny replacement for inetd
nano 75,584 X Tiny text editor with search and replace (similar to pico)
nice 5,984 X The 'nice' command
rsync 162,971 X Utility for syncing local or remote directories...can be run through an ssh tunnel
X rsyncd.conf man page for setting up an rsync server
snort 228,208 X A network sniffer, packet logger, and intrusion detection system.  Requires libm (above).
sort 32,560 X The 'sort' command
su 9,504 X The 'su' command
wget 135,197   Syncs local directories with remote servers (supports http & ftp), can also be used to download single files
grep 15,476   ADVANCED USERS ONLY!  A version of the grep 'Do-All' POSIXness script that includes a working mail command.  To use, strip the mail() and smtp-out() procedures from your current /bin/grep script (Materhorn/Eiger) or /bin/POSIXness (2.9.x), and replace with the mail() procedure from this script.  LRP 2.9.x users: You may have to change the 'mnc' command to 'nc'.  Make sure you have the $CR and $LF shell variables defined.

Updated 10-14-00:  Fixed some problems when attatching files, the tendency for message text to get expanded by the shell, and general script cleanup.



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Last modified: December 04, 2001